XPress 800 - Standard Set WS-700001 

SKU: WS-700001

XPress 800 - Standard Set WS-700001


Modular Riveting Tool System

XPress 800 riveting system - innovative technique for the professional car body repairer. Standard Set : to place selfpiercing rivets (SPR) , Flow Form Rivets (FFR), solid rivets (SR) on flanges and deeper profiles.


Working pressure:6 bar / 87 psi

Fuellmenge Volumen:100 cm³

Gross weight:33.00

Net weight:33.00

Air quality (ISO):ISO 8573-1

PB max.:800 barNoise level:75 dB(A)

Working temperature:5-50 °C/41-122°F

Packing unit:1 set

Vibration:< 2,5 m/s²

Viscosity (OIL):22-36 mm²/s (40°C)

XPress 800 Basic unit
XPress 800 cylinder SSC35/25
XPress 800 C-arm GC 80/40
XPress 800 C-clamp GC 80/120
XPress 800 C-clamp GC 140/240
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XPress 800 Case
XPress 800 Manual