Welding Blankets

The BIG BLANKET is exactly that!


Made of fiberglass and hem sewn all the way around, these protective blankets keep a car's surface safe.  Provides protection from welding sparks, grinding sparks and hot metals while cars are under repair.

The Big Door Cover is a pair of one left and one right hand covers for protecting the inside and outside of doors. They are a generous fit so will cover most doors, even coupe and truck doors. The Big Door Cover can protect the interior or exterior of a door. The set will protect the inside or outside of two front doors, two back doors or one side of a vehicle.The Big Door Cover is an 880 gram (32 oz) fiberglass blanket, hem sewn on all sides and has brass eyelets for securing in position. The Big Door Cover is soft and compact and can endure Temperatures up to 550ºC (1000ºF) on the surface.