U-555 Attachment IN-U-555 

SKU: IN-U-555

U-555 Attachment IN-U-555

The U-555 Attachment operates off of the Inductor® Pro-Max, Pro-Max CE and Max high performance induction heating systems and offers at least 40% more power than Mini-Ductor®.


Product info

The U-555 is useful for heating faster or larger ferrous hardware and components, including nuts, bolts, bearings/races, pins, gears, pulleys, O² sensors, and much more.

As with the Mini-Ductor, the U-555 offers:

  • Ergonomic grenade style grip
  • Bright white LED illuminates your work surface
  • 9-foot HF cable with 8-pin connector
  • Includes 3 basic coils, carrying case (19"W x 10 ½"D x 5"H) and operating manual
  • 1-year warranty
  • Optional coil kits are available

The U-555 Attachment is used with the Inductor Pro-Max, Max, MD99-601, MD99-602, and MD99-603.