Slot Punch - 8x20mm DF-SP820 


Slot Punch - 8x20mm DF-SP820

The Slot Pliers (DF-SP820) from Dent Fix Equipment are an essential tool when MIG brazing high strength steel (HSS) and ultra high strength steel (UHSS) parts for repair. MIG brazing is recommended when joining HSS/UHSS parts together because of its low weld temperature which is ideal when working with these types of materials and the brazing method maintains the integrity of the parts.

Most outdated training courses recommend punching two holes side-by-side then removing the middle section with a die grinder creating about a 8x20mm slot which is used to MIG braze around the edges joining the parts together. Instead of wasting the time with the old slot generation method, newer courses utilize the Dent Fix Slot Pliers which creates a faster result and only needs one tool. The 8x20mm sized slot is being recommended in Land Rover and Jaguar's HSS/UHSS repair processes.


Product info

Slot punch can punch up to 2mm of aluminum.

Replacement Die Set: DF-SP820DS ($184.80)

Tool Specs:
Length: 13.5"
Width: 1.75"
Height: 3.25"
Weight: 4.8 lbs
Slot Dimension: 8x20mm
Country of Origin: Denmark