Motorcycle Kit FL-225 

SKU: FL-225

Motorcycle Kit FL-225


Quick Set-up Saves Time-15 Sec Average employing one tech; 30-90 Min Average Among Competitors, using up to three techs*

Accelerated Cycle Times-More Bike Parts, Panels, Bumpers per Booth Session

Fast, One Handed Any-Angle Handling


Create Shop Space-Use multiple Bike part solutions on any Flexible Stand!

Increase Booth Capacity-More Bike Parts, Panels, Bumpers per Booth Session

Move Anywhere-Flexible stand acts as vehicle making bike part mobile!

Multiple Motorcycle Parts-Rims, Fenders, Gas Tanks normally difficult to paint can now be done with ease!

Multiple Sizes-Solutions adjust to the size of the specific part!   

* If you already have the Snap-Grip 237 or Squeeze-Out 254 then purchase Small Parts Tree 240.

* 2013 Survey of 500 US Shops

^35 Years of Feedback from Customers around the globe.    

Perfect Angles -Paint Bike parts at the perfect hanging angle for the Bike!

Perfect Paint Job-No more tape, adhesive, wire or 2x4 damaging the paint job.

Save on Price-Flexible costs the same or less despite rising competitor prices

Quick Set-up Saves Money -Pay less per set-up and get more processed!

Save on Consumables-No more tape, adhesives, wire or 2x4!

Save on Replacements-Maintains functionality through high quality parts!

Longer Life-Customers report using Flexible Motorcycle Solutions for years.^

Reduce Energy Bills-Dry with panels/bumpers in booth, no more lamp drying.