Induction Innovations

Induction Innovations®, Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturer of high performance induction heaters.

Induction Innovations was founded in 2000 after inventing the first model of the Inductor®Series, which was born from years of dealing with the many time-consuming processes found in the collision repair industry.

Their automotive repair product lineup continues to grow with the introduction of new induction tools and equipment. The Mini-Ductor® uses high-frequency magnetic fields to heat metal objects without an open flame, and is the winner of numerous awards. The Inductor was designed for the auto body tech by an auto body tech. The Inductor Series features the most versatile and powerful induction heaters offered in the auto body repair business, period.

You can increase your profits with our flameless heat tools.

The flameless heating tools have been designed to solve a problem; how to remove old, rusted or corroded parts and fixings, windows, body moldings, body panels, and more – safely, speedily and with control.

There's no longer any need to use a potentially dangerous torch or open flame to remove parts. This method is unreliable, time consuming and can damage the area around the part – all of which affects productivity and ultimately the profits you make.

Using oxygen-acteylene in a bodyshop, garage, automotive repair, or refinish workshop is hazardous and insurance premiums are high to cover the risk of an accident. Using our induction heating tools eliminates the risk of using open flames and can result in insurance premium reductions.