EasyFlex FL-800 

SKU: FL-800

EasyFlex FL-800

The Ultimate Part Stand for body panel repair, finishing and painters.


Quick Set-up Saves Time-30 Sec Average, 5 Min Average Among Competitors*

Accelerated Cycle Times-More Panels/Bumpers in each Booth Session

Fast, One Handed Rotation-Stops & holds at any angle while holding gun.

Create More Shop Space-20% smaller than competing stands.

Increase Booth Capacity-More Panels/Bumpers in each Booth Session.

Move Anywhere-Takes up very little workshop space and rolls into any booth

1 Stand Instead of 3-EasyFlexcan do the work of up to three competing stands

Save on Price-Flexible costs the same or less despite rising competitor prices

Longer Life-Flexible stands last 2-3 times longer than competing stands^



Save on Consumables-No more tape or adhesive to secure panel to stand!

Reduce Energy Bills-More Panels/Bumpers in each Booth Session

Quick Set-up Saves Money -Pay less per set

Truly Universal-Any panel, any shape or size & most bumpers.

Takes Small Parts, Rims and Motor Cycle Parts-Using the Trim & Spoiler Kit, Snap-Grip, Squeeze Out, Rim Holder, and MC Kit, EasyFlexTakes It All!