Digital Tram Gauge DF-3DX 


Digital Tram Gauge DF-3DX

Taking point-to-point measurements from 1'4" to 11'11" (400-3640 mm) the DF-3DX Digital Tram Gauge user can measure in feet, inches, 1/16ths of an inch and metric measurements with the touch of a button. The zeroing function enables you to take comparison measurements, displaying the appropriate positive or negative reading. Placing the center pointer on the prescribed 400 mm mark, measurements shorter than the collapsed length of the digital tram gauge can be made.

Offering our widest measuring range, the DIGI-TRAM gauge comes with x3 350 mm long pointers, x2 110 mm short pointers, x2 bullet pointers, x2 pointer holders, and x2 cones for zeroing out larger holes all stored in a plastic carrying case.

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