7/8" Pre-Formed Coil IN-MD99-601 

SKU: IN-MD99-601

7/8" Pre-Formed Coil IN-MD99-601

The 7/8" pre-formed coil (MD99-601) is a heat resistant coil attachment for the Mini-Ductor® series.


Product info


  • Works best with ½" fasteners and smaller
  • The coil will last for several hundred uses or more subject to use
  • Use of the proper size coil, avoiding abrasion and overheating prevents premature wear to the coil
  • All coils are plated to eliminate oxidation and guarantee contact
  • The coil insulation is coated to resist abrasion – however, if insulation is breached, a new coil will need to be used
  • The coils are all flexible and can be bent or separated for a variety of applications


  • One 7/8" heat resistant, pre-formed coil (5"L x 1.25" O.D.) (1 oz.)