41" Bearing Buddy Coil IN-MD99-603 

SKU: IN-MD99-603

41" Bearing Buddy Coil IN-MD99-603

The 41" (3.42') Bearing Buddy Coil (MD99-603) for the Mini-Ductor® Series (excluding the Mini-Ductor 12V), is a flexible magnetic litz wire for wrapping around inline and asymmetrical objects that are not accessible with standard coils. If you need more length, consider the 96" Long Bearing Buddy Coil.


Product info


  • The extra length of the 96" Long Bearing Buddy offers greater flexibility and versatility for larger bearings, gears, pulleys and industrial applications
  • The coil will last for approximately 100 uses or more subject to use, avoiding abrasion and overheating prevents premature wear to the coil
  • All coils are coated to eliminate oxidation and guarantee contact
  • The coil insulation is coated to resist abrasion; however, if insulation is breached a new coil will need to be used


  • One 41" Bearing Buddy coil (41"L) (2.6 oz.)